We Said Goodbye Today

We said goodbye today.

We’re weren’t planning to, not for a long while yet.

We thought there would be time to mend what had broken… to one day set it all aside and go back to the way it was when we were kids. To go back to a time when we ran free in the playground playing catch, or when we built tents using all the blankets on our bunks and imagined a secret world of adventure – in ways only children knew how to do – or when we gathered boisterously for meals at the long table.  They were the best.

But we said goodbye today…never having gone back to what it once was.

You had led our pack, growing up. You inspired us when you were the first among us to take flight and explore boundaries beyond the shores we grew up on. You were generous to a fault. There was always a glint in your eye along with a shy smile, as if you knew something the rest of us didn’t. Until one day, when we no longer saw that smile or the glint in your eye.


Windblown Sunflowers

I sat today and watched the rain as it beat down against the window. The day seemed so heavy. Then I lost myself in memories of a more beautiful time, a simpler time when we were children…

Goodbye for now. We will miss you.

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