Life Lessons from My Chocolate Lab

If you’ve ever owned a pet, you’ll recognize much of what I’m about to say. I was never one for pets, not until about five years ago. Late one evening, we wandered into PJ’s Pets in Sherway Gardens and a couple of hours later (just a before closing time), we’d become proud owners of a five month old chocolate lab. Bruce had been visiting this young pup for a few months now. This time though, we asked to meet the pup in the little room off to the side of the store. The rest, as they say, is history. Looking back, I think he’d carefully orchestrated that late evening visit to the pet store.

Today, I can’t imagine life without Powder (yes, that’s what we creatively called her). Over the years, I’ve grown quite attached to her. I love her excitement and energy when she greets us at the door every evening. It’s amusing how she never gets bored, even when she’s had the same bowl of kibble for the 3,000th time. 🙂 Somehow, each time, it’s a new experience. Over the years,  I’ve learned many more lessons from her. Here are 10.

  1. Even when it’s cold outside, play, romp, roll, laugh, and generally have a rocking good time – especially when you are with the ones you love.
  2. Dance, like no one is watching.
  3. Enjoy cuddle time, every time.Cuddle
  4. Listen closely when someone else speaks. Besides the tales they have to share, they feel great when you are really listening.Listen
  5. Practice self-control and patience. It’s highly rewarding.Self-control
  6. Be ready for play, even when friends drop by unannounced. They’re the best kind of visits.Friends
  7. Take time to explore your world. You may never come back to the same spot.Explore
  8. Dive right in. The water’s never too cold. And you never know what you’re going to find.Dive In
  9. Be there for the one you love when they’re feeling low. Sometimes all they need is to be in your quiet company.
  10. Take time to rest. You deserve a break every now and again.


“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” – Roger Caras.

Share the lessons your pets have taught you.

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