Remember. Memento Mori.

All human emotion – joy, love, sadness, guilt, calmness, happiness, excitement, anger, obsession, freedom, the sense of success and achievement – ceases to exist when you’re dead.

So relish every moment you’re alive and choose the emotions you wish to live each day.

Choose joy, love, kindness, grace, empathy, laughter, love.

Choose the positive and leverage the negative from which we learn to live better each day.

Remember. Memento Mori.

I did not

I did not see you cry 
behind your beautiful smile.

I did not hear you scream
behind your joyful belly laugh.

I did not help you lift your load
though you stopped to lighten mine. 

I did not see the demons you fought
while you were busy helping them fight theirs.

I failed you
when I did not see.

I’m awake now


You’re gone.